Getting to Know QuattroPod1 min read

What is QuattroPod

Are you looking for a more efficient meeting solution?

It is always a hassle to set up your meeting room with all the cables and different types of operating systems.

Is the speaker using a Windows laptop or a Mac?

Does the laptop have an HDMI port, a Mini DP or a USB type C?

To simplify the process, QuattroPod offers an intuitive cross-platform wireless presentation experience.

It supports macOS, Windows, ChromeOS, iOS, and Android with simple “Plug, Click, Cast”.

No matter what smart device the presenter uses, Windows, MacBook, iPhone or Android phone, they can share their content with QuattroPod transmitter. 

Different QuattroPod transmitters for different needs

QuattroPod is designed to be the true cross-platform BYOD meeting solution.

Users can choose the applicable transmitters for their usage.

For the most features and compatibility, the QuattroPod Standard transmitter is the one with all the interface ports and outputs 4K resolution.

As for portability, the QuattroPod Mini transmitter is smaller in size but as functional with few ports. 

Get in touch with us to learn more about how QuattroPod can improve your meeting productivity.


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