Wireless Video Used in Sunday Services at Local Christian Community3 min read

Church gathering Sunday service with EZCast Pro II

Founded in 2009, The New Family Fellowship has been a well-known local assembly in Taipei.

Sunday is a big day for Christians, meeting brothers and sisters to cultivate deeper connections, and praising the lord, which are both important in connecting the local Christian community.

It’s common to adopt the AV system in Sunday services nowadays, to make the event more interactive, but the existing wired solutions had posed a few problems for this local assembly.

First, there is limited space for this local assembly at the weekly Sunday services.

Though preaching with the legacy wired casting solution still worked, but it made the limited space even more crowded.

Second, by using a wired casting solution, it would require an extra member to change slides manually during the service, which put a strain on the limited human resources.

Church live video stream setup
To make Sunday services more interactive, the New Family Fellowship has adopted live streaming AV system in recent years.

Third, to run the services smoother and smarter, the local assembly would like to purchase more LCDs to display the presentation slides during the Sunday services.

But connecting all the displays via existing wired AV system is not only messy but also troublesome.

Facing the challenges above, the New Family Fellowship was eager to look for a brand-new AV solution that satisfied the requirements below:

  1. Complete wireless solution: Ditches all the messy cable.
  2. Tiny and compact: Better utilizes the limited space.
  3. Multi-screen broadcasting: Casts from one PC to multiple displays.

To resolve the issues above, the New Family Fellowship started searching for a suitable wireless solution.

“We came across EZCast Pro Dongle II and found this device to be capable of fulfilling all our requirements,” The New Family Fellowship said.

After adopting EZCast Pro Dongle II, the challenges this local assembly faced were solved instantly.

This cutting-edge wireless video solution brings superb 4K casting quality via WiFi protocols, allowing users to instantly migrate from the legacy AV system to the wireless solution.

As a result, no more messy cables during Sunday services.

Multi screen wireless display at church
Powered by the next-generation hardware and firmware design, EZCast Pro Dongle II, the flagship wireless solution, can provide low latency multi-screen broadcasting experience.

Besides that, the multi-screen broadcasting function not only allows the pastor to stream wireless video content to multiple external displays at once, but also reduces the extra manpower needed to switch slides manually.

Video editing and streaming at church
With one laptop, staff members of the New Family Fellowship can switch slides and hold live streaming services events simultaneously.
New Family Fellowship pastor

“EZCast Pro Dongle II is the best solution for any event or meeting hall where there is a need for projecting on multiple screens, without the hassle of ugly and messy cables.”

Danny McNall, Chief Pastor of New Family Fellowship

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  1. i am the pastor of cornerstone fellowship in san lorenzo ca. we just installed 3 TVs with the ezcast dongles. this allowed us to share the screen of the laptop. i am curious what software you are using to display images and how much control beyond sharing the screen you have

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thank you for getting in touch.
      In this case study, we implemented EZCast Pro II dongles with ProCast app to broadcast laptop content to multiple screens.
      ProCast app allows you to choose individually which Pro II dongles to screen share to, and also turn on and off the volume.


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