10 Useful Tips for Working Remotely and Staying Productive5 min read

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The era of working remotely is upon us.

As companies around the world strive to become more resilient and more efficient in managing workspaces, remote job opportunities are on the rise.

If you are still accustomed to working in the office, it’s time to adapt to the new working style!

What is remote work?

Remote work is a lifestyle choice to work without being restricted to a physical office.

It provides you with work flexibility.

You can design your working style with remote work and execute your tasks at your own pace.

Enjoying more freedom with the way you fit work and life together.

These are 10 useful tips for working from home and staying productive.

1. Schedule your work tasks

Every morning we might receive a lot of tasks from our manager.

What we can do is create a schedule for your tasks to manage time more wisely.

The more organized you are with your time, the more you will enjoy the flexibility of working remotely.

2. Set daily completion goals

Despite that there are many different types of tasks to be completed in a day, you should set goals and prioritize tasks you are going to finish today.

Moreover, if you work from home, your manager will require you to report your daily progress and that’s why you have to set a goal every time.

checklist, pen writing , list out
List your daily tasks!

3. Use a timer to prevent procrastination

The most common problem with working from home is distinguishing work from rest.

As you seem to work and rest from the same space, the separation between them becomes blurred.

You can set a timer to prevent procrastination and get back to work.

It also can improve your efficiency and make sure your tasks will be completed on time.

timer , clock , alarm
Timer as your reminder.

4. Use technology to improve productivity

Remote workers like you need the right tools to work more efficiently.

It may also help you save a lot of time.

You might come across a situation where you want to watch smartphone content on the TV and struggles to find the right cable to do it.

It is problem that a wireless display receiver like EZCast Pro can help.

Use technology to improve your productivity.

5. Dedicate a specific area just for work

When we work from home sometimes we get distracted from small household issues.

To create an environment suitable for work, you have to distinguish your work space from everywhere else.

A dedicated office space that is exclusively for work can force you to switch on the “work mode” when needed.

6. Focus on one single task at a time

Most people are accustomed to multitasking and deal with many things at the same time.

But as it takes mental effort to switch between tasks, most people don’t realize that multitasking actually result in both lower quality and quantity of tasks completed.

Focusing on a single task is the best way to improve the efficiency, productivity and performance of remote work.

7. Stay connected with your colleagues, supervisor and clients

Telecommuting reduces the face time you have with your colleagues, supervisor and clients.

So you need to be proactive in communicating over email, chat or video conferencing to keep everyone involved on the same page.

Although everyone is working from different places but we still can keep in touch with each other to finish our tasks.

Stay in touch with your colleagues.

8. Find your productive environment

Working at home is about not being restricted to any place.

You can choose a place that makes you more comfortable and help you to be more productive.

Constantly research and learn new ways to be more productive with work. 

9. Track your progress at the end of each day

Although you are working from home, you also have to take a moment to review your tasks each day.

Summarize your daily tasks and note down important future reminders to prevent you from making mistakes. 

10. Take periodic breaks

Do not forget to sprinkle mini breaks throughout the day.

Taking breaks is very important to maintain high efficiency for a remote worker.

Leave your task for a while to do anything you like to refresh yourself.

Remember to put down your work at the end of the day, so that you have time to relax and rest, and continue your work tomorrow.

As the saying goes: “Taking a break is for accomplishing a longer journey”.

coffee, break time , rest
Time to have a break!

With the 10 useful tips on above, find out which tips suit you.

They can help you stay productive when working from home.

Working remotely can be a new trend, start creating your own working style today! 

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  1. Thank you I found this article very helpful with these changers to our normal routine at work due to the pandemic. I appreciate it a lot!


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