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January 25th marked the last day of BETT 2020, the premier educational technology event in the UK that attracted over 34,000 visitors to celebrate the future of Edtech.

More than 800 companies gathered at the London ExCeL Exhibition Centre, between January 22-25, to showcase the best educational technologies that can improve the way we teach and learn.

BETT 2020 was the first time EZCast Pro attended the premier education show and we were excited to share new solutions that support cross-platform wireless displays in classrooms and lecture theaters.

EZCast Pro Box II is the best way to broadcast to multiple screens

In large lecture halls that accommodate more than 100 students, despite everyone facing the same focal point, the visibility of the presenter is not always ideal.

Some people may be blocked by an inconveniently-placed pillar, some people may be too far away to make out the presenter’s facial expressions.

In such scenarios, it is useful to set up multiple strategically-placed screens to make the presentation visible to every audience.

While the traditional multi-screen technology involves hundreds of meters of cables and specialized hardware, the EZCast Pro Box II solution simply requires a WiFi connection to display content wirelessly.

EZCast Pro Box II wireless multi-screen receiver with LAN support
EZCast Pro Box II is designed for wireless multi-display broadcasting.

EZCast Pro Box II supports 5 GHz WiFi, LAN connection, and PoE, making the network setup as flexible and easy as ever.

The EZCast Pro Box II is compatible with both ProCast app and EZCast Pro Dongle II, making it a great solution to expand your existing EZCast Pro multi-screen setup.

The most flexible and cost-effective installation for multi-display broadcasting is where you use EZCast Pro Box II for LAN accessible screens and EZCast Pro Dongle II for displays with strong 5 GHz WiFi coverage.

bett visitor ezcast pro
A teacher was excited to learn how to create multi-screen wireless presentations from his Windows laptop.

All of which can be controlled by a single computer with ProCast app.

QuattroPod USB launches the world’s first single-USB-interface wireless transmitter

With numerous wireless presentation solutions on the market, how do you differentiate the best technology from the rest?

QuattrPod USB, the latest product in the premium BYOD series, aims to put the question to rest with the world’s first single-USB-interface wireless transmitter solution.

QuattroPod USB 2T1R pack
The world’s first single-USB-interface wireless display solution.

The latest QuattroPod USB solution consolidates both power and content transmission cables from your laptop into a single USB interface, creating the cleanest and most user-friendly solution on the market.

As a result, you no longer need to choose between HDMI, DP or USB cables from your laptop for content in addition to a USB port for power, making the laptop connection tidier and more reliable.

lady at ezcast pro bett booth
Our technology experts demonstrated the power of QuattroPod USB in staffroom and meeting applications.

Overall, the EZCast Pro team were able to give in-depth demonstrations to hundreds of visitors and help them visualize the future of education technology.


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