EZCast Pro at COMPUTEX: Redefining the Future of Casting Technology in Business and Education2 min read

What a great week for tech lovers!

COMPUTEX was on fire, it wasn’t due to the blazing heat summer, but the passion of the attendees that ignited the exhibition.

For those partners and distributors who couldn’t join us at COMPUTEX, check out the quick recap we prepared for you!

We hope to see you at the next COMPUTEX in 2020.

EZCast Pro, a leading innovator of wireless display and smart office solution, officially announced QuattroPod in Taiwan.

Meanwhile, COMPUTEX has recognized QuattroPod with a 2019 Best Choice Award.

QuattroPod embraces the idea of plug and play, freeing the users from using apps or complex configurations.

In keeping up with the mobile-first trend, and the increasingly popular BYOD practices, QuattroPod supports all the popular operating systems, which includes Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

COMPUTEX attendees showed great interest in QuattroPod.

It’s by far the most powerful, OS-agnostic wireless presentation solution on the market.

Potential distributors and future business partners came and asked, “When can we start distributing QuattroPod? With this product, we can apply it in multiple usage scenarios. “

Besides developed markets like Europe, USA, and Japan, with the strong economic momentum in Southeast Asia, we met many potential partners from Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore, etc.

Apart from QuattroPod, EZCast Pro Dongle II is another hotshot when it comes to businesseducation applications.

“What? 4K resolution, multi-OS compatibility, native AirPlay and Miracast support. We can get them all with this tiny dongle?”, asked by a skeptical client.

“Yes, EZCast Pro Dongle II is just that powerful”, we answered with pride and confidence.

Multi-screen broadcasting, the cutting-edge technology powered by EZCast Pro, can be used to business exhibitions, internal training, and smart offices.

With this function, user may cast the content from a laptop to multiple external monitors at the same time.

It has been an exciting and successful COMPUTEX, we hope to see you again next year with even more wireless business meeting solutions.


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