EZCast Pro and Maxell’s New Partnership to Introduce Wireless Display Technology to Future Classrooms and Smart Enterprise2 min read

New Taipei City, Taiwan – Oct. 11, 2020 – EZCast Pro is pleased to announce its global strategic partnership with Maxell, combining EZCast Pro’s leading technique in the field of wireless display and Maxell’s world-class service of products of Energy, Industrial Materials and Electronic Appliances/Consumer Products. With its robust product lines, Maxell has dedicated to outline the future and enrich human beings’ life. As a world-famous product provider, Maxell partnered with EZCast Pro to further provide its customers with more creative, convenient and easy-to-use solutions.

EZCast Pro, as a leading manufacturer of wireless display, intends to provide its customer with better communication. Security, reliability, and efficiency are what businesses look for in IT solutions. EZCast Pro’s product lineups allow users to perform plug-and-cast, split screens, and one-to-many screens presentations and its noticeable productivity was proven by multiple EZCast Pro partners. Working with Maxell’s projectors, customers are allowed to perform as much as they can in all kinds of aspects.

“EZCast Pro embraces the concept of plug and play, freeing the users from using App or doing complex configuration, thus, providing our customers with an incredible casting experience,” said Stan Chen, Product Director at EZCast. Besides software, EZCast Pro product lineups can also be powered by hardware, not only avoiding the potential software compatibility issues but also boosting the casting performance.

“We’re delighted to work with EZCast Pro,” said Mr. Naoyuki Mitsuhashi, Senior manager at Maxell Projector Product Planning & Sales Dept. “With its products, our customers can easily jump into discussions without any hassle and we couldn’t think of a better product with such powerful functions.” For instance, EZCast Pro’s solutions have been integrating the standard wireless protocols like airplay, miracast, and Google Cast, covering all the mainstream OS, including Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and chromeOS. Thus, these features make EZCast Pro gadgets very handy for schools and companies, “Anyone can share the idea in the way they want with vibrant discussion”, said Mr. Naoyuki Mitsuhashi.

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EZCast Pro is a leading manufacturer in the wireless display market. The company dedicates itself to providing customers with the best solutions for wireless display, ranging from general use to professional application. EZCast is committed to providing fruitful experience in entertainment and communications.


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