EZNote Integration with Dropbox and Google Drive4 min read

EZCast Pro app EZNote exports to Google Drive Dropbox

Since EZNote was included in EZCast Pro app in the August update, we have been inundated with customer requests to integrate it with more cloud productivity platforms.

We are happy to announce that we are giving our users what they want, by releasing Dropbox and Google Drive integration in the latest EZCast Pro app update.

This is another forward step in improving meeting productivity with cross platform note taking for our customers.

Here are the latest updates to EZCast Pro, available this month.

Integration with Dropbox and Google Drive – EZCast Pro app only

When EZNote was first introduced, it was intended to be a way to help meeting attendees take screenshots of presentations, take notes on the slides and collaborate on the EZKeep platform.

At this EZCast Pro app update, we are expanding the reach of EZNote by exporting slides to Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud platforms.

Notes taken from EZNote can also be saved as a zip file to be shared across emails and other platforms.

Here are the other major EZCast Pro and EZCast app updates.

Freeze screen feature for desktop users – both EZCast Pro and EZCast apps

If you are an experienced Power Point presentation users, there comes a time when you need to dig around resources or multitask on your computer mid-presentation, but prefer not to share your actions on the big screen.

This is where our latest EZCast Pro update can help you.

EZCast Pro pause feature
The ability to pause the projected screen.

A “Pause” button has been added to the “Mirror” functions, to let you pause the big screen to get a little privacy on your desktop during presentation.

You can also adjust the volume of the receiver with the desktop app.

Improved camera casting interface with zoom function – both EZCast Pro and EZCast apps

For some of you that like live camera projected on the big screen, we have updated the camera user interface to include zoom function.

Live camera zoom
Zoom in and out of a live camera.

You will be able to use the slider on the bottom of the screen to zoom in and out.


Use multitouch on the screen with two fingers to zoom in and out.

Improved video casting interface – both EZCast Pro and EZCast apps

As you spend more time casting videos and photos to big screens, we want to optimise the experience for you to speed up the processes.

Cast videos from EZCast Pro app
A 2-click interface to casting videos.

The latest video interface allows you just 2 clicks to play a video on the big screen.

Improved photo casting experiences – both EZCast Pro and EZCast

The photo casting function has been updated to make sure no matter your phone is in landscape or portrait mode, the cast image will be stretched for best fit on the big screen.

EZCast Pro photo sharing interface
Streamlined photo experience.

More streamlined Wire dongle OTA upgrade experience for EZCast app only

Since EZCast Wire dongles do not have internet capabilities, we have updated the EZCast app to streamline the upgrade support for EZCast Wire when connected to an internet enabled smart device.

EZCast Wire OTA firmware upgrade
Streamlined OTA upgrade support for EZCast Wire.

This way, you can easily upgrade your EZCast Wire to the latest firmware as soon as it becomes available, and maintain the best casting experience even when Apple or Google decide to upgrade software.


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