EZCast Launches Latest Wi-Fi Display Technologies at IFA3 min read

EZCast Pro at IFA

EZCast is attending IFA 2017 during September 1-6 in Berlin, Germany, and is bringing the next generation of Wi-Fi display gadgets to the show at Hall 25, booth 301f.

As a leader in screen casting HD and 4K media, and EZCast enables users to run a home entertainment system straight from their smart phones.

EZCast 2, the next generation of Wi-Fi display dongle

The latest line of HD screen mirroring device is the EZCast 2, it uses 802.11ac 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual band Wi-Fi to ensure screen casting signal quality.

EZCast 2 Wi-Fi dongle
The latest EZCast 2 Wi-Fi display dongle.

The improved video decoder is compatible with H.264 codecs, and can stream 1080p video at 60 frames per second flawlessly.

Which means,

You can play Full HD videos from your phone and enjoy them on your HDTV at home.

Use EZCast Pro to bring your conference rooms and classrooms to the future

Thousands of conference rooms and classrooms around the world are already using EZCast Pro devices to mirror and cast presentations wirelessly.

EZCast Pro display at IFA
Virtual meeting room with EZCast Pro.

We are adding the EZLauncher and Quattro to the EZCast Pro family to streamline wireless display technologies further, to make screen casting as simple as a click of a button, with minimal network setup.

It is usually quite difficult to set up a secure Wi-Fi network in conference rooms that incorporate both guest authorisations and wireless presentation.

Therefore EZCast Pro has created a point to point projection platform, Quattro, to create a secure wireless presentation network to make sure anyone can connect securely on the fly and present right away.

Wireless presentations without IT help.

With EZCast Pro Box’s cross platform compatibility and features to administer multiple presentations on the big screen, it is bringing thousands of conference rooms and classrooms to the future.

EZCast Pro Box and EZLauncher
EZLauncher brings click and display to EZCast Pro Box.

EZLauncher’s minimalistic design comes in a round package with a single button connected to a USB cable. It is able to pair the presenter, a laptop, to the receiver, an EZCast Pro Box, via USB ports with just a click.

It takes screen mirroring usability to a whole different level.


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