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Many companies are using AV products to serve the functions of conducting proposals, presentations and more. However, traditional AV products are inflexible and unscalable. In consequence, this leads to a higher cost of renovation along with the growth of enterprises. Consequently, to achieve better efficiency, many companies looked for alternatives. At same time, this was when AV over IP products entered the market. Let’s explore what AV over IP products are and how we can take advantage of those products!

EZCast Pro A/V solutions benefits.

What’s the current trend of AV over IP?

This trend has been around for a while and it’s been particularly popular since 2017. In 2017 and 2018, these products had a nearly 130% rise in two consecutive years.

AV over IP products like EZCast Pro AV have no port limitations!

According to recent market research, the estimated growth rate of these products will achieve a CARG of 60% per year starting from 2019 to 2025. Why has AV over IP become a trend after it entered the market for a while?

What is AV over IP? What are the benefits of AV over IP?

It stands for Audiovisual over Internet Protocol. The products allow users to transmit data or switch video or audio signals via networks such as LAN, WAN, or Internet Cloud. Compared to traditional AV products, AV over IP products are highly scalable and cost-saving.

EZCast Pro AV products offer cost-efficiency and scalability benefits

They improve the limitations of traditional AV products. These traditional products can’t transmit data remotely due to their high cost of physical cables. Because of this, AV over IP products have gradually replaced traditional AV products. These are expected to rapidly grow in the following years.

Benefits of AV over IP Products

1) Budget in check:

These products can leverage your current IT network infrastructure, where IP switchers are commonly used in corporate settings. Whats more, AV over IP products can be easily connected through Ethernet ports. Therefore, can serve the functions of input and output at the same time. Which makes the AV over IP products highly scalable and flexible, and further resulting in a lower cost in manpower and devices. Thus, no need to re-cable the current setup or get new devices to get it set up.

AV over IP (like EZCast Pro AV ) offer advantages over traditional A/V

In addition, as the manufacturing cost of traditional AV products are more expensive than AV over IP products; AV over IP products has become a better alternative for enterprises. AV over IP products thus filled in the gap that traditional AV products cannot fulfill. Recently this mode has gradually become trendy in the recent years. Thanks to the easy connectivity through Ethernet, you can buy the devices you can afford and further expand your business in the near future when you have more funds.

2) High scalability:

Whether a product is highly scalable is fairly crucial for a company to evaluate along with the growth of enterprises. AV over IP is highly scalable thanks to its Ethernet connectivity. In traditional AV, the quantity of input and output ports is limited and cannot adapt to different kinds of user scenarios. For example, a small company buys a 2×2 switch, two transmitters, and two receivers. However, along with their growth, they want to expand their business and are required to purchase a new one to adapt to their intended use. In a simple project, another matrix switch or re-cabling might be required, which results in an increase in manpower and cost.

EZCast Pro AV products have modular design for high scalability

In a more complicated project, a whole new system might be required, resulting in a substantial increase in operating expenses. Cables of traditional AV products are also very expensive. AV over IP products utilize Cat5e or Cat6 cables instead and thus become more scalable and flexible thanks to their low cost. Cat5e or Cat6 cables are not as expensive as traditional physical cables. Its data transmission through Internet also provides users with high flexibility to control their computers. Thus, scalability and flexibility are important for enterprises to evaluate what products they want to pick up.

3) Long Distance Transmission:

Traditional AV products have always been criticized for long-distance transmission as it requires physical cables which are more expensive than Cat5e or Cat6 cables. In small projects, there is only a slight difference between traditional AV products and AV over IP products. In contrast, the price becomes unaffordable in larger projects, especially transmission distance more than 100 meters. IP switcher can be connected in series to support long-distance transmission.

EZCast Pro AV products can be used in airports, stadiums, auditoriums, presentations and more!

What’s more, as all the signals are transmitted through network, staff can remotely control or direct all the devices at their tables through central management system (CMS). As the problem of long-distance transmission is resolved, we can illustrate some use scenarios: college stadium, video boards and speakers, auditorium speakers and video displays, concert, LED billboards, security systems, live-streaming of sports, movies, and shows, on-demand streaming of sports.

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