5 Reasons to Add QuattroPod USB to your Meeting Room4 min read

QuattroPod USB will allow you to conduct effective meetings.

The ability to easily share data has become more and more important as staff must constantly share content and engage in numerous discussions with team members and clients.

Therefore, how to locally or remotely share data in an effective way has become crucial

With the “BYOD” trend, a growing number of employees start to create content from their own devices. It goes without saying that various brands are included and hence choosing the right presentation system has become the priority. Now that you’re aware of the phenomenon, we would like like to share with you why QuattroPod USB is the best wireless presentation solution:

1) Many Windows of Content at Once

QuattroPod USB enables up to 4 simultaneous display on a single screen. This creates a quad-split in your screen. Employees can easily share their screen or content, such as images or graphs, without any hassle. This is how you will be able to speed up decision-making and shorten your meetings. No one will lose valuable time setting up the devices.

QuattroPod USB enables Split-screen so many presenters can share at once.

2) TouchBack to Manage a Meeting

Touch-back feauture allows users to control any applications or software on touch panel equipped screens. Bring the new technology to your workplace and impress your audience. Make the meetings bi-directional with touchback screens. Simply touch the screen and interact with your audience and hold your spectators’ attention.

QuattroPod USB allows you to easily work with your audience and highly fasten the decision-making process.

3) Trustworthy Host Control

An innovative feature that QuattroPod USB has is the host control feature. As a host, you can permit whether a user can share his/her screen or not. The meetings won’t be interrupted by a sudden participation of an unauthorized user. With a click, other users can mirror their screen or share their content in a split screen. Use QuattroPod USB to make your meetings or conferences smoother!

4) Join whenever you want. Plug and Share!

Pairing it is easy as this is a single cable solution (SCS). Simply turn the switch to select either USB type-C, USB type-A or mobile options. It only takes a few seconds for your device to pair with the transmitter so you can quickly play wirelessly.

5) Free of Maintenance or Software Setup

Unlike other solutions, QuattroPod USB doesn’t require software setup (driver free). As a matter of fact, IT personnel usually spend a lot of time setting up and managing audio-visual systems. QuattroPod USB is so easy to use that presenters will no longer fear setting up their own devices in the meeting rooms. The process is so effortless that IT department will no longer be demanded for this and will be able to focus on their job. In addition, as there is no software to configure and there is no OS compatibility to maintain, this device can highly reduce the cost of human labors and maintenance.

In conclusion, EZCast Pro provides an innovative solution. With its products, you will be able to conduct effective meetings with a smooth flow and show content in a dynamic way.

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