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EZCast Pro booth at ISE 2020

Integrated Systems Europe is the world’s biggest pro-AV show, and also the first world-class exhibition of the calendar year, targeting audiovisual professionals.

It can be seen as a kickoff point for launching new products and technologies to key markets around the world.

Every year visitors around the world visit ISE to gain insights into the latest technologies and benchmark their offering against the best in the business.

From business, education, to remote working technologies, ISE 2020 continues to wow audiovisual professionals around the world, and not even cyclone Ciara can dampen the spirits of exhibition attendees.

This year marks the fourth consecutive year that EZCast Pro has exhibited at ISE, and we continue to push the boundaries of BYOD wireless meeting solutions in our latest technologies.

ISE 2020 visitors to EZCast Pro booth
Visitors were attracted to EZCast Pro’s booth for the innovative meeting solutions.

EZCast Pro Box II is designed for multi-screen education applications

There are many instances in a classroom where the teacher faces a large number of students, all seated at different corners of the classroom and facing different directions.

Visibility to the teacher may become compromised for a fraction of the students, thus compromising their ability to engage and learn.

These are scenarios where multiple screens set up to broadcast the teaching material can be useful, but the challenge becomes the restriction of the HDMI cable and the cost of specialized AV equipment.

EZCast Pro Box II, the latest multi-screen solution, can improve the teaching effectiveness while reducing the setup cost.

While the traditional multi-screen technology involves hundreds of meters of cables and specialized hardware, the EZCast Pro Box II solution simply requires a WiFi network to broadcast wireless content to each display.

The presenter can use the proprietary ProCast app to broadcast the laptop’s screen to every EZCast Pro Box II-connected screen on the same WiFi network, thus creating a multi-screen configuration without excess cables.

To improve the reliability of wireless displays, EZCast Pro Box II supports 5 GHz WiFi, LAN connection, and PoE to deliver streamlined, 4K wireless content.

The most flexible and cost-effective installation for multi-display broadcasting is where you use EZCast Pro Box II for LAN accessible screens and EZCast Pro Dongle II for displays with strong 5 GHz WiFi coverage.

All of which can be controlled by a single computer with ProCast app.

box ii demo at ise 2020
Visitors were interested in using EZCast Pro Box II to set up multi-screen displays.

The impressive wireless multi-screen technology was an instant hit during ISE and led to a close-up interview with rAVe [PUBS].

Simplifying QuattroPod solutions with the world’s first single-USB-interface wireless transmitter

With numerous wireless presentation solutions on the market, the best BYOD solution should be designed with the users in mind, with the best user experience.

QuattroPod USB, the latest product in the premium BYOD series, embodies the best user experience design, has the world’s first single-USB-interface wireless transmitter solution.

QuattroPod USB 2T1R pack
QuattroPod USB simplifies transmission from laptops into a single USB connection.

The latest QuattroPod USB solution combines both power and content transmission cables from your laptop into a single USB interface, creating the cleanest and most user-friendly wireless presentation solution on the market.

As a result, you no longer have to look for HDMI, DP or USB ports from your laptop for content in addition to a USB port for power, making the single-USB laptop connection tidier and more reliable.

With more interactive touch screens being used in classrooms and meetings, the Touchback Control feature from QuattroPod USB was well-received by ISE attendees.

Touchback Control allows the speaker to eliminate the need to transfer presentation files between laptop and touch screen, and start making wireless interactive presentations between touch screen and laptop in seconds.

enterprise application demo at ISE 2020
ISE visitors were impressed with the ease of setting up QuattroPod USB.

Visitors were also astounded by the plug and cast nature of QuattroPod USB, making it a great way to screen mirror from smartphones and laptops without installing additional apps.

Many representatives from key players in the audiovisual industry made appointments with our team to discuss future partnerships based on QuattroPod USB technology.

QuattroPod Lite is a BYOD solution built for speed

One common misperception of adopting new technologies in the workplace is the complexity of setting up new equipment.

From rolling out lengthy cables to accessing the administration functions of your equipment, no wonder lots of institutions have resisted change.

QuattroPod’s Lite package is designed to combat excessive configurations and bloated features.

quattropod lite transmitter and receiver pack
QuattroPod Lite allows you to plug and play wireless content in seconds.

QuattroPod Lite features a single point-to-point, plug and play interface that allows you to begin casting your laptop content in seconds, without configuration.

This is a perfect technology for huddle rooms in the office.

distributor meeting at EZCast Pro booth at ISE 2020
QuattroPod Lite received attention from key distribution partners.

By stripping down wireless presentation to the minimum essential functions, QuattroPod Lite presents the fastest, plug and play solution, ideal for small meeting rooms.

Screen mirror smartphone content anywhere with EZCast Beam J2

Most projectors we see on the market are designed first and foremost to project content from laptops.

EZCast’s cross-platform screen mirroring technology allows EZCast Beam J2 to screen mirror from smartphones as well as laptops.

The EZCast Beam J2 on display during ISE demonstrated the possibility of screen mirroring smartphones with mini projectors in portable applications, such as camping trips, coffee shops, and bedrooms.

ezcast beam j2 demo at ISE 2020
EZCast Beam J2 is designed to project content from smartphones and laptops easily.

The freedom to screen mirror wirelessly as well as through a USB charging cable allows EZCast Beam J2 to be equally suitable for projecting movies and playing mobile games in any situation.

Immersive 4K home entertainment with EZCast Ultra

As streaming media continue to transition to higher resolutions in 4K, it takes more sophisticated media players and receivers to enjoy the more immersive experience.

The EZCast Ultra on show during ISE wowed the visitors with 4K wireless screen mirroring capability with support to stream online videos by voice control.

Not only is EZCast Ultra a great 4K media player, but it can also fit in nicely with smart speakers such as Google Home, Amazon Echo in your smart home.


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