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LTE 2019

Learning & Teaching Expo 2019 has just ended, and it marked another year of incredible innovation in education technology.

LTE is Asia’s foremost Education Expo and attracts tens and thousands of educators around the world to Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre each year.

Touted as the 10th anniversary of the event, the 2019 edition attracted more than 13,435 international visitors from schools, universities, and governments to discover and source the newest educational technologies.

EZCast Pro’s Hong Kong partner, VIAL Technology, exhibited at the show and provided visitors with a glimpse of the newest wireless education technology on offer from EZCast Pro and QuattroPod.

EZCast Pro at LTE
The latest line up of EZCast Pro and QuattroPod education technologies.

VIAL Technology became the first partner to exhibit EZCast Pro Box II in Asia, the next generation multi-screen wireless display receiver.

EZCast Pro Box II
EZCast Pro Box II adds a new dimension to your wireless meeting rooms.

Not only does EZCast Pro Box II support multiple screen broadcasting to HDTVs, but its LAN and PoE support in addition to 5 GHz WiFi also create new ways to connect HDTV and screen mirror more stable wireless content.

Exhibition visitors were extremely impressed with the possibility of setting up the network with an RJ 45 cable, an IT’s favorite, to provide stable and low latency casting.

“EZCast Pro Box II combines the best of 5 GHz wireless multi-screen and LAN technologies to bring you the most user-friendly and lag-free wireless education solution on the market,” said EZCast Pro Product Director, Stan Chen. “It can also work in conjunction with EZCast Pro II dongles, to expand and upgrade an existing multi-screen installation.”

Another new technology to make the first appearance was QuattroPod U01, a plug, click and cast wireless transmitter that simplifies connection to your laptops and smartphones to a single USB cable.

QuattroPod USB 2 transmitters 1 receiver
Two QuattroPod U01 transmitters and a QuattroPod receiver.

“The single USB cable interface is a great innovation that cuts down cable clutter using QuattroPod U01,” said Stan Chen. “This way, you only need to plug in a single USB cable to your laptop to set up both content sharing and power supply.”

Based on numerous feedbacks from excited LTE visitors, QuattroPod U01’s convenience and cross-platform support are projected to become a staple in BYOD classrooms around the world and make it easier for teachers to create engaging curriculums.

About VIAL Technology

VIAL Technology has more than 10 years of experience in the Education Technology industry and has been known to provide high-quality solutions in Home/Office Automation in residential and commercial markets, structural cabling systems, project management, system commissioning, and AV multimedia products and solutions.


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