EZCast Pro and Worathan Technology Deliver Wireless Meeting Solutions to Thailand3 min read

EZCast Pro presentation at Worathan Technology

Worathan Technology, a leader in meeting and education solutions in Thailand, was joined by EZCast Pro on August 8th to host a seminar to share the latest conference room and classroom technologies with local industry professionals.

Worathan Technology has been working with various organizations within Thailand, including Siam Toyota Manufacturing, Kasikorn Bank, SMC, Rangsit University. With solid domain knowledge and expertise in site survey, Worathan Technology has built a strong connection with public sectors and enterprises.

More than 50 technology resellers and system integrators were present to learn about the best wireless presentation tools from EZCast Pro and Worathan Technology.

Stan Chen presentation at Worathan Technology
To see the latest wireless presentation technology powered by EZCast Pro, more than 50 technology resellers and system integrators came to the summit.

Thailand is an emerging market for wireless presentation solutions

“Besides developed markets like USA, Europe, and Japan, EZCast Pro sees great opportunities in emerging markets in Southeast Asia,” said EZCast Pro Product Director, Stan Chen. “Our goal in Thailand is to build strong relationships with with local partners within 5 years,” said Chen.

By using wireless casting devices, team members could greatly enhance productivity and improve transparency in communication.

The two latest products released by EZCast Pro, EZCast Pro II dongle and QuattroPod are built for the age of wireless workplace.

The EZCast Pro II can significantly cut down on the cost of cabling, by adding flexibility of cross-platform presentation via wireless connection.

While QuattroPod allows the meeting host to bring any smart device to present, let it be an Android phone, an iPhone, a Windows laptop or a MacBook.

EZCast Pro booth at Worathan Technology
Cross platform device compatibility has always been EZCast Pro’s strongest selling point. By using these products, you can share and cast contents easier.

The attendees were given an opportunity to try out ProCast app to broadcast to multiple wireless displays connected to EZCast Pro II dongles.

This is especially useful for lecture rooms and exhibitions where lecturers use multiple displays to present to a large audience.

After trying it, they all showed great interest in EZCast Pro products.

“Thailand is really important for EZCast Pro,” said Chen. To gain dominant market share today, collaboration is always the key.

“EZCast Pro is working on expanding the market globally. Now it’s time to join us!” said Chen. 

EZCast Pro and Worathan Technology team up and focus on the fast-growing wireless market in Thailand. Left) EZCast Pro’s Product Director, Stan Chen, and right) Managing Director of Worathan Technology, Mr Somchai Junpuan.
EZCast Pro training with Worathan Technology
To let EZCast Pro’s partners better understand the solutions, EZCast Pro Product Director, Stan Chen, held a training campaign for the local partners.


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