How to Setup Multiple Wireless Screens with ProCast

ProCast multiple screens in realtime presentation

We are launching the latest business wireless screen sharing technology this week.

We believe the next phase of wireless meeting solution shall enable multiple screen setup without the complexity of cables.

The latest EZCast Pro II dongles and the companion ProCast app to screen mirror presentations and media wirelessly to many screens at the same time.

You must be thinking, EZCast Pro Box already works great as a wireless meeting solution.

By using the companion EZCast Pro app, you can accept up to 4 presentations streaming at the same time, and use the Host control function to create order among different presentation sources.

EZNote lets you take meeting notes directly on the presentation slides, making meeting follow ups a breeze.

What else can EZCast Pro create that can exceed all of the above features?

Setup multiple monitors with EZCast Pro II dongles and ProCast app

EZCast Pro Dongle II is a upgrade over its predecessor by supporting screen and video resolutions up to 4K.

The 802.11ac 5GHz support improves the wireless signal stability over the traditional 2.4GHz interface, resulting in faster and better pictures and videos.

ProCast app currently only support the latest Pro Dongle II to help you make multi screen presentations in realtime, so you don’t have to deal with the labour-intensive and expensive wiring setup, common in the audio-visual and IT industries.

ProCast lets you connect your Windows and MacOS laptops to multiple monitors, TVs, or projectors without complex wiring.

Just plug in EZCast Pro Dongle II to each monitor, TV, projector you have and start duplicating screens from your laptops to two or more monitors wirelessly, and displaying powerpoint presentations on different TVs and projectors at the same time.

This can lead to applications such as wireless meetings, large conference rooms, keynote speeches, banquet halls and lecture rooms.

EZCast Pro app support for more efficient meetings

EZCast Pro app support continues to make Pro Dongle II a cross platform wireless display receiver, meaning you can make wireless presentations with ease from any of Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS smart devices.

EZCast Pro app’s splitscreen and host control keeps your meetings on point and in control, while EZNote lets the attendees take more efficient meeting minutes to follow up later.

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  1. Hi, can you please explain into detail how to connect multiple tvs that have the easy cast pro 2 to a single windows desktop computer?

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