ISG Technology and EZCast Pro Announce Official Dealer Partnership in Midwest Region to Bring Wireless Display Solutions to Education and Corporate Markets3 min read

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ISG Technology, a leading provider of professional IT Service Provider, has entered into an official dealer partnership with EZCast Pro to sell the company’s wireless display solutions.

ISG Technology is an expert in delivering impactful IT solutions with more than four decades of experience serving Midwest businesses and schools. ISG specializes in providing cloud hosting solutions and custom technology solutions to help businesses improve productivity and remain competitive. EZCast Pro is proud to add a wireless display to ISG’s solutions to serve Midwest businesses and schools.

A strategic provider of education technologies

ISG understands how schools need to evolve with the latest technology to be more engaging educators. By providing the latest computing and network storage solutions, ISG can transform schools into BYOD institutions.

EZCast Pro products, such as EZCast Pro II, allow teachers to transition seamlessly to mobile-first teaching methods while creating an interactive learning environment for students.

EZCast Pro II upgrades classrooms to allow teachers to share screens from any laptop or smartphone while enabling students to take real-time notes to retain knowledge better.

Businesses rely on ISG to boost productivity

Security, reliability, and efficiency are what businesses look for in IT solutions.

Businesses require secure and reliable computer networks to protect private information, trade secrets, and customer information. By using EZCast Pro products, screens casting can be kept within a company’s internal network without exposing the network to security issues.

While efficient productivity solutions make sure businesses remain competitive in their chosen market segments.

Products such as EZCast Pro Box II are designed to unlock the next level of productivity in business meetings, by promoting secure, cross-platform wireless presentations.

By creating a BYOD wireless presentation environment, business meetings become decision-driven and problem-solving platforms.

The EZCast Pro Box II’s multi-screen solution is also a great way to replace expensive cables in large conference rooms and exhibition halls with effective, flexible wireless displays.

Simply connect a TV or projector to an EZCast Pro Box II on a shared network, the speaker can broadcast real-time wireless presentations to multiple displays in crisp, vibrant 4K resolution.

About ISG Technology

ISG Technology is assembled from a team of tech experts with knowledge in the best and latest business technologies.

The ISG team understands both the importance of IT and the business impact IT solutions can have on organizations.

ISG’s commitment to expert-level professionalism and strategic problem-solving makes ISG a very different kind of managed IT services provider.

About EZCast Pro

EZCast Pro is an expert in delivering cross-platform screen mirroring across wireless networks, to free users from restrictive cables and be more productive in offices and classrooms.

EZCast Pro provides more than just hardware and provides cloud and software services to create a complete solution that stays up-to-date with the latest technology trends.

EZCast Pro currently has more than 10 million users around the world who use proprietary solutions to take control of wireless displays.


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