EZCast Pro Helps FCF Strengthen Global Fishing Empire2 min read

Not only is fish and seafood a staple in the diet of most global population, it is also a thriving industry around the world, where fisheries and aquaculture provide direct and indirect employment to more than 500 million people.

A giant in the global fishing industry

An unsung hero behind the success of Taiwan’s commercial fishing industry, is FCF Co, Ltd, who have provided logistics, supply chain management, trading and other services to commercial fishing vessels around the world for more than 45 years, to ensure the sustainability of tuna supply.

fcf world subsidiaries
FCF have more than 30 subsidiaries, fishing bases and shipping agents across Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans.

From Asia Pacific to the United States to South Africa and Spain, FCF built a network of more than 30 subsidiaries, fishing bases and shipping agents to provide canning services, trading, logistics and refueling services for fishing fleets.

In order to maintain 1/6 of the world tuna supply, as a top 3 fishery corporation in the world, FCF pride themselves in building relationships with partners and the training of their employees.

Multi-screen setup by EZCast Pro to improve meeting productivity

On area that required improvement was the corporate office conference room, where two projectors work in sync to provide the latest industry data to key people.

In the traditional setup, cables connected to projectors dictated the type of laptops used to make presentations, and limited the location and flexibility of the presenters.

GKI, an expert audiovisual integrator, created a multi-screen setup that wirelessly connect both projectors using EZCast Pro II dongles.

FCF meeting room with multiple wireless projectors
EZCast Pro II dongles are used to allow laptops to broadcast wireless presentations to both projectors in the FCF conference room.

As a result, two EZCast Pro II dongles are used to connect two projectors in the conference as wireless displays within FCF’s company wireless network.

A presenter can then make wireless broadcast to both projectors, using ProCast app, from any seat inside the meeting room, to make sure every attendees can receive the same information in real time.

The EZCast Pro II solution also allows the speaker to use any smartphone or laptop to make wireless presentations, via Miracast, AirPlay or EZCast Pro app, to realise a true BYOD conference room.


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