8 Ways a Huddle Room Can Benefit Your Workspace4 min read

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In the 21st Century, the modern office continues to evolve, while the layout of the conference room has also changed in the past few years. 

An enterprise typically uses large meeting rooms to share information and make decisions.

While the traditional meeting room has its uses, the amount of office space occupied and the equipment used may not meet the needs of modern enterprises.

Introducing the huddle room format to allow small discussions that require just a little bit of privacy in a closed space.

What is a huddle room?

A huddle room is an intimate space for staff to have quick, team discussions.

A perfectly-sized huddle room generally accommodates 5-6 people for small discussions.

It is usually located on the side of a public open floor of the office to maintain both accessibility and privacy.

Nowadays, the traditional conference rooms are always fully booked.

This is why the huddle room becomes very useful. 

Let’s find out how a huddle room works and the benefits for you to increase working productivity.

There are 8 benefits to working with huddle rooms.

1. Space optimization

An enterprise might use up many spaces in the meeting room.

The company don’t have to lease a big space or pay for unused spaces.

But a huddle room only requires a small space.

Moreover, a small meeting room can save an enterprise a lot of money and fully utilize the extra spaces, while serving the same purpose as a normal conference room. 

2. Easy and simple to setup

Setting up a huddle room won’t be as complex as a traditional conference room.

The IT team can spend time more wisely without wasting time in configuring the huddle room technology.

Just need some simple equipment like QuattroPod Lite wireless BYOD solution, with plug and play wireless presentations, which can present your work smoothly and share content with other members.

3. Meeting solution on a tight budget

The company might spend a lot of money to build up a conference room.

Huddle rooms can help the company save money by creating similar value as conference rooms.

A small meeting room can provide the best low budget plan for a startup company.

save money, deposit money, reduce cost, budget
Huddle space is cost saving.

4. Effective to remote worker

Due to the trend of remote work, supervisors in the office frequently video conference with remote teams.

A small meeting room is a great place to facilitate the privacy required for conference calls.

Besides, your office staff can be more effective by popping and out of a small meeting room for quick phone calls with remote teams. 

video conference, video call, online meeting, remote work, huddle room
Video conferencing in huddle room.

5. Quick meeting and discussion

Huddle rooms can provide the convenience of a quick meeting.

By using wireless presentation systems, office staff can collaborate smoothly, and the content from our laptop can easily be shared with a big screen.

Teams can even share content from different sources to the screen at the same time with a split-screen method.

Having a discussion is much simpler with the right wireless display technology.

Team work, discussion, collaboration work, huddle room
Huddle rooms make quick discussions easy.

6. Promotes collaboration

Huddle room is a modern working space where teams can have a private discussion.

A small private meeting room is the perfect size for teamwork.

Furthermore, it can bring out the best working atmosphere to increases productivity in a team.

7. Better availability

A common problem of conference rooms is they are always fully booked.

Many departments might be wasting time queuing for the perfect conference room.

A huddle room is designed for short meetings and therefore has high turnover, so you can easily find an available room to use.

8. Keep up with the newest work practices

Nowadays, an enterprise tend to organize their workforce into smaller task forces to focus on individual goals.

Collaboration in small groups becomes essential and smaller meeting spaces designed for quick discussions are needed.


collaboration, team work, discussion,huddle room discussion
Huddle room provides best collaboration works.

At the same time, a huddle space can provide the best teamwork experience, to accommodate teams working on long-term projects that require frequent check-ins.

Follow the above 8 benefits of huddle rooms to improve the productivity at your workplace. 


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