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EZCast Pro Wireless Display for education

The Classroom is Changing: Wireless Display for Education as a new necessity

The pandemic has reshaped the education industry all at once. The role of technology has grown in importance during this time. We are in a period of time when we are reimagining how a classroom looks like. That’s why a high school in Kaohsiung contacted EZCast Pro. They were searching for wireless displays for education to make it easier for teachers to teach, and students to learn, even with the accompanying challenges.

EZCast Pro Wireless Display is the Perfect Solution for Education

  1. Conduct Wireless Presentations from Any Device

This high school had standard equipment in the classroom, including a whiteboard, a computer, a projector, etc. in each classroom. However, there were some common problems we are all familiar with. Sometimes teachers wanted to use visual aids and they need to move while giving lectures. But they couldn’t move freely as the length of the HDMI cable between the laptop and the projector was a regular limitation.

Contrary to this, EZCast Pro Box II and EZCast Pro Dongle II support wireless presentations from any smartphone and laptop, so students and teachers can make presentations using their favorite devices without any hassle. This also helps avoid contact between them and keep social distance.

With EZCast Pro wireless display for education teachers can consuct wireless presentations from any device.

Additionally, using these devices increases teacher’s freedom of movement. This means teachers are free to move around the classroom to engage with students to hold their attention.

2. Real-time note-taking tools for students

Another common problem for the school was that students might not be able to take notes in time. Pages and pages were written without giving students the time to absorb the information. However, with the touchback feature and real-time note-taking tools, students can not only take their own notes, but also get the materials with teachers’ notes after class.

EZCast Pro app is a complete education technology solution that works closely with EZCast Pro wireless presentation solutions. The EZNote feature allows students and meeting attendees to use laptops, smartphones, or tablets, to screen capture presentation slides in real-time, and scribble notes on the slides. It is an efficient way to capture presentation information to save locally or share on the cloud storage in Dropbox or Google Drive.

With EZCast Pro wireless display for education students can have real-time note taking tools.

3. Interactive Learning in Classrooms

With EZCast Pro solutions, students’ involvement and interaction are highly encouraged. Up to 4 device screens can be displayed in split-screen mode on the projector, which enables and fosters discussion and participation in an interactive environment.

When using different devices such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, etc, EZCast tools empower students to share content wirelessly to a big screen.

EZCast Pro Solutions will Upgrade Your Classrooms

In conclusion, the school has successfully upgraded their presentations systems. Now their teachers can move freely and the students have more space for interaction without having to consider the physical cables on the floor, and note-taking is easier. EZCast Pro Box II and EZCast Pro Dongle II have now improved their lectures.

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