5 Ideas on How to Use EZCast Pro to Improve Your Lectures3 min read

EZCast Pro will improve your Lectures

EZCast Pro wireless presentation systems are improving the way that lectures are being given. In a regular classroom, teachers have to move back and forth between their laptops and their students. However, this disrupts the flow of the lectures. In order to improve this situation, multiple schools started seeking solutions and build up their own smart classrooms.

Now, let’s look at five ways you can take advantage of EZCast Pro to improve your lecture:

1) EZCast Pro works as a Mobile Document Camera for Lectures

Students are now able to share work without interrupting the flow of the lecture. They can wirelessly share content from their personal smartphones, laptops, or iPads. With EZCast Pro solutions, it is simple to quickly share videos, photos, and files from a personal device to the class display. They can even cast their camera into a bigger display wirelessly.

With EZCast Pro students can use ther phone as a document camera during lectures.

2) Conducting wireless presentations to multiple screens

Set up many screens to cater to the lecture venue without adding complexity to the equipment. If you are in a large college classroom with many displays, there is no problem. Forget about the struggle of having to look for the appropriate cables that fit your laptop.

You only need to bring a laptop to instantly broadcast to wireless multi-screens simultaneously.

3) Online Communication

EZCast Pro can also be used for Hybrid meetings or remote learning via third-party online meeting software like Zoom, Skype, or others. Simply connect through the internet to engage in your online meeting on a larger display.

Learn more about hybrid working here.

Use EZCast Pro to perform remote learning or online meetings. It is perfect for remote lectures too.

4) Split-Screen Display in Real-Time

Collaboration and sharing different content at the same time might be a difficulty. But using EZCast Pro you can display up to 4 sources at the same time for better communication and collaboration. Different students can share their ideas at the same time, which will make room for discussion and foster participation and engagement.

EZCast Pro Split-Screen feature is ideal for student sharing ideas during lectures.

5) Read and Annotate During Lectures

This wireless display solution is the go-to tool when it comes to classroom presented materials. Making live annotations on teachers’ materials results in a better and more time-efficient experience for all students. This can be done by EZNote feature from EZCast Pro app to let students and audiences take real-time notes for a better learning experience.

Check it out here!

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