How to Make Wireless Presentations with iPhone Using EZCast Pro II3 min read

iPhone wireless presentation with EZCast Pro II

Embracing BYOD meeting rooms and classrooms means you are free to work from your favorite smart device, whether it is a laptop or a smartphone.

With most offices still lagging behind in the adoption of productive work using smartphones, we will share a quick guide to get you started on making wireless presentations and speeches from iPhones and iPads.

If you happen to be an iPhone or iPad user, the cross-platform support from EZCast Pro II lets you display phone content to HDTV using native AirPlay Screen Mirroring, so you can share your work straight from your mobile devices.

Connect your iPhone to EZCast II’s Wi-Fi for a straightforward wireless screen mirroring experience

The quickest way to make iPhone presentation is to connect to EZCast Pro II’s Wi-Fi SSID.

iPhone direct Wi-Fi
Directly connect your iPhone to EZCast Pro II’s Wi-Fi network.

Once the TV screen indicates a connection between your iPhone and dongle (top right corner), you can swipe down the Control Center to execute Screen Mirroring to begin sharing the iPhone screen wirelessly to your HDTV.

Connect your EZCast II to a local Wi-Fi network for wireless collaboration among attendees

If the EZCast Pro II is installed in a meeting room accessed by multiple people, we recommend taking the next step and connect EZCast Pro II dongle to an available local Wi-Fi network.

Make sure your iPhone, or iPad, is still directly connected to EZCast Pro II’s Wi-Fi, then execute EZCast Pro app to setup the dongle to the shared Wi-Fi network in your meeting room.

Use the EZCast Pro app to connect dongle to a local Wi-Fi network that meeting attendees can access.

After EZCast Pro II is connected to a shared Wi-Fi network, any iPhone, iPad, within the network can share wireless presentations using, AirPlay Screen Mirroring, and play online videos on the big screen.

When you view your iPhone in portrait, you may see a lot of blank spaces around the screen on you TV.

screen mirror iPhone in landscape
Rotate your iPhone screen to landscape to see it in full screen.

Once you rotate your iPhone to landscape, you can display the image in full on your HDTV.

Advanced EZCast Pro users can setup multiple screen broadcasting using the ProCast app to share real-time wireless content to many TVs simultaneously.

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