Airtame 2 vs EZCast Pro II, Which Is the Best for Wireless Presentation

Have you ever been through the nightmare of setting up IT equipment right before a meeting or a class? 

If you are the host, you might need to confirm the attendees’ presentation devices before the meeting and prepare the right cables for them to use. 

Sounds like a huge hassle, but it does frequently happen at work. 

So you surf the internet for premium wireless presentation system, and you may have come across Airtame 2 and EZCast Pro II dongle. 

In this article, we’ll share our knowledge in the strengths and weaknesses of each so you can find the best wireless presentation tool and have productive meetings and classes.

EZCast Pro II dongle supports 4K output resolutions

More and more contents are created in 4K ultra-high-definition, therefore, you should buy the device which supports 4K output, and lets you screen mirror wirelessly to beautiful UHDTV or projectors to enhance your presentation experience.

EZCast Pro II dongle supports 4K output resolutions, but Airtame 2 supports only 1920×1080 output resolutions, which is not future-proof.

EZCast Pro II dongle supports all OS devices and screen mirroring protocols

To put an end to the hassle of setting up meeting room equipment, you can use a presentation system that supports all popular OS devices, and screen mirroring protocols such as Miracast.

Airtame 2 supports Windows, Mac OS, and iOS devices, but is not ready for Android and Miracast protocols during our tests.

EZCast Pro II dongle is not only compatible with all popular OS, including Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android, but is also compatible with Miracast, DLNA, and more screen mirroring protocols.

EZCast Pro II dongle supports BYOD offices, simplifies the wireless presentation process, and helps you to truly get rid of the messy cable setup for presentations.

EZCast Pro app provides better meeting and teaching experience

The companion EZCast Pro app provides many powerful functions to give you better meeting and teaching experiences.

You can take real-time notes with EZNote, stream documents and photos in wireless presentations, and control meeting agendas with Host Control.

Multi-screen broadcasting with ProCast app

Easy-to-use ProCast app is designed to wirelessly screen mirror 1-to-many screens from your laptop.

It is a great way to make synchronized wireless presentations to multiple screens and say no to the lousy and costly wiring installations once and for all.

EZCast Pro II dongle makes wireless meetings and classes a breeze, and something you look forward to doing every day.

Moreover, the powerful EZCast Pro and ProCast apps transform your meeting spaces or classrooms into collaboration hubs enabling attendees or students to work or study in more dynamic and effective ways.

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